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Agility in a Bag Set

Product #:  AIB19-30
Brand:  Affordable Agility


Option 1-$229.00 Plus $34.00 S&H (S&H added to cart)

Option 2-$249.00 Plus $34.00 S&H (S&H added to cart)

  • Weave Pole Set

    30" tall poles spaced at 24" apart, with a free-standing base. Standard 6-pole set. For safety and comfort, base feet are opposite the path your dog runs. These weaves can also be used in the popular 2x2 training method.

  • Adjustable Jump

    Has a displaceable bar (for safety) that adjusts to any height by sliding the 2 jump cups up and down on the side bars. Adjusts as low as ground level for training and puppies, or as high as 30" (24" maximum jump height recommended).

  • Adjustable Tire jump

    22" diameter hoop that slides up and down on the side bars. High/low adjustments are the same as the Adjustable Jump.

  • Pause Box

    Great training aid and substitute for the pause table. Dog must stop and either sit or lay down for a 5 second count.

  • Tunnel & Chute

    Option #1 includes a 3' tunnel with 22" diameter and attachable 8' chute. Use the tunnel by itself, or attach the chute for extra challenge.

    Option #2 includes a 9' tunnel with a 22" diameter.

  • Carrying Bag

    Both options include a sturdy carrying bag for ultimate portability.

  • Colored Vinyl Tape

    Blue and red vinyl tape for decorating poles in any fun patterns you choose (instruction manual gives decorating ideas).

  • Instruction Manual

    Assembly instructions with easy to follow pictures, as well as training tips for each obstacle.

Price:  $263.00 - $283.00

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$263.00 - $283.00