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Agility in a Bag Set

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It's amazing! Six popular obstacles that fit into a carrying bag and weighs only 18 lbs Sling this portable practice agility course over your shoulder and practice at parks, beaches, camping, or anywhere you want!  Includes:

  • Weave Pole Set - with free-standing base. 30" poles. Standard 6-pole set.

  • Bar Jump - with adjustable and displaceable top bar (for safety) and a fixed bottom bar for stability

  • Tire Jump - 24" diameter hoop that adjusts in height by sliding up and down on the side bars.

  • 3' Tunnel - with 22" diameter. Made of rip-stop nylon. Use with or without the attachable chute. Has tie down stakes for the ground.

  • 8' Chute - attaches to the tunnel with velcro and elastic. Made of rip-stop nylon. Colors subject to availability.

  • Pause Box - substitute for the pause table.

  • Carrying Bag - sturdy zippered canvas bag with pocket & shoulder strap.

  • Training Manual - with photos and training tips for each obstacle.

The obstacles in the Agility-in-the-Bag set are adjustable and can be used for any size dog (except for the largest of breeds), and can be used indoors or out! 

What is the difference between these obstacles and your other obstacles?"

With all our obstacles, there are two kinds: a "Practice" and a "Competition" kind.  The obstacles that are in this "Agility-in-A-Bag" set are slightly below the standards of the practice kind.  The main difference is in the thickness of the plastic pipe that is used.  Because the obstacles need to be carried around in a bag, the pipe we use is thinner and more lightweight.  Don't be concerned, however, it is not so thin that it cracks easily!  The pipe is still very sturdy and it would take some brute strength to break it.

The other difference is in the design of the obstacles.  The changes are minimal, but constructed so that the minimum amount of pipe is used, yet sturdy enough to stand on their own.  However, because they are more lightweight, we suggest packing up your obstacles after each use.  Not so much because of rain, as they can get wet, but because of the wind.  This is not necessarily necessary with the practice kind of obstacles, and definitely not with the competition ones (which are generally much heavier and sturdier).  

The tunnel & chute is made of rip-stop nylon.  The tunnel is 3' long, which is short, but most dogs don't have problems with the tunnel, and love it regardless of how long it is.  It is a great size for using inside, and of course, more portable.   You can use it alone, or add the 8' long chute to the back end of it to make it a "closed tunnel" obstacle.  It has a 22" diameter.  Competition tunnels are 24" diameter.

"What does it weight?"

18 lbs. total in the bag

"How many obstacles are included?"

There are 6 "different" obstacles, but only 5 can be used at the same time.  The tunnel can be used separately from the chute (which is called an "open" tunnel, because it is open on both ends),  OR you can add the 8' long chute on to the back of it, and it will become a different obstacle called the "closed" tunnel, because the back end of it is "closed" to the dog. 

"Do the extra items fit into the carrying bag?"

We offer a few optional items, such as Clip-on Wire Guides, an extra Jump, and an extra Weave Pole Set.  The Wires and Jump fit in, however, if you want to carry both Weave Pole Sets (for a total of 12) we suggest you call to purchase an extra bag to make carrying everything easier.

"How easy is it to set up?"

Everything sets up in a few minutes. The obstacles simply pop together.  

SUGGESTION:  When you get your Agility-in-a-Bag set, each obstacle's pieces will be bundled together to make it easier for you to set them up the first time.  To make it easier for you in the future, you may want to color-code the pipes.  Use a permanent marker, for example, and mark the bottom, or put a little stripe around the pipe to distinguish them from the other pipes belonging to other obstacles.

"Can the obstacles be used for any size dog?"

Yes, for just backyard practice, they can be. (The exception would be for some of the very large breeds, which can really only excel with competition-quality obstacles).  The two jumps (tire jump and bar jump) are adjustable to any height.  The 3' canvas tunnel has a 24" diameter which is the same as competition diameter.  (the length of course is shorter).  The weave poles are always spaced the same, no matter the size of the dog.  

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Price: $219.00

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