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Laube Pearl Grooming Scissors/Thinning Shears

Product #:  11060
Brand:  Kim Laube & Company
As ALWAYS with Laube, another TOP quality product!

Laube Pearl Scissors, ice tempered, best stainless steel available (440C), Smooth cut, Black Faux Pearl, studded tension adjuster. Comes with soft black padded zippered carrying case.
$75.00 plus FREE SHIPPING in the Continental U.S. 
See Drop Down Box to choose the correct size.

LA11060- 6" Straight
LA11170- 7" Straight                                             
LA11180- 8" Straight
LA11190- 9" Straight
LA11070- 7" Curved
LA11080- 8" Curved
LA11090- 9" Curved
LA11182- 6.5" Thinner (45 Teeth-Single Side)
LA11183- 8" Block Thinner (22 Chunky Teeth-Single Side)


Price:  $75.00


Price: $75.00